Zero Drift Kayak & Paddle Board Anchor with 50ft Rope. Premium 3.5 lbs Folding Anchor Kit for Paddle Boards, Canoes, Jetski, PWC, Rafts, Jon Boats, and Small Boats. (Kayak Fishing Accessories) (SUP)

Zero Drift

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Brand: Zero Drift

Color: Blue


  • ZERO DRIFT TECHNOLOGY: Our anchor kit is specifically set up to keep you from drifting away. The anchor points are designed to dig into sand, mud, rocks, and vegetation, locking you in place. Also, our new quick release system insures that your anchor won’t get permanently trapped.
  • MARINE GRADE QUALITY: Have endless adventures without having to worry about durability. Zinc coated galvanized steel makes our anchor rust resistant in fresh and saltwater. (3.5 lbs) Anchor kit comes with floating PVC buoy and stainless steel snap hooks for quick and easy connections.
  • COMPACT SIZE: Nobody wants to lug around a big bulky anchor. That is why our compact anchor folds into a 12” x 3” size and fits perfectly in any storage compartment or backpack. (Padded storage bag included)
  • EXTRA LONG PREMIUM ROPE: If you run out of line, your anchor is useless. Our anchor comes with a premium ¼” double braided 50ft nylon rope, allowing you to go into deeper water in both calm and choppy conditions. Compatible with kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, jetski, PWC, rafts, jon boats, and small boats
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY: We stand behind our products. Our kayak anchor comes backed with a 2 year warranty. 100% Guaranteed

Details: We got sick and tired of having to cut the line off anchors set up incorrectly so we decided to do it right. Our new quick release system ensures that your anchor can be pulled out if the fins get stuck on rocks, logs, or coral. The anchor specializes in locking you in place even in adverse conditions of wind or waves. The fins create friction and lock onto whatever materials are under the surface. Never run out of line when you need it most. Our anchor comes with an EXTRA LONG rope. 50ft Long! Made of premium ¼” double-braided nylon rope. This enables you to go into deeper water in all conditions. Our compact anchor folds up into a 12” x 3” size for easy carry and storage while only weighing (3.5 lbs). We also included a padded storage bag that's big enough for everything to fit inside. The stainless steel clip attaches to kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, jetski, PWC, rafts, jon boats, and small boats. The anchor kit also comes with a floating PVC buoy to keep the clip afloat if dropped. The anchor is zinc-coated marine-grade galvanized steel to make the anchor rust resistant in fresh and saltwater. Enjoy being out on the water without having to worry about drifting away.

Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 7.4 x 4.0 inches